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TopNetRanks is the top Reno SEO company and we are also the top Carson City SEO experts. We are offering businesses the absolute best in guaranteed 100% proven techniques.  We take your business and improve its online presence resulting in more clients, more sales, and more revenue.  We prove a full range of services that ranges from On Page services to Off Page services.  Allow us to create a customized Marketing Campaign for your business using high traffic keywords that are laser-targeted to bring in traffic and revenue to your business on a monthly basis.  Contact us now and we will offer you a customized quote to fit your budget.


Full Service SEO


We offer a full range of internet marketing services ideal for any business.  Our goal is to put your business at the top of the search engine results, filling up all the slots in the search engine results so that you will get the most clients and beat your competitors.


We offer both On Page and Off Page SEO services.


On Site SEO Services

  • Keyword analysis
  • Title Optimization
  • Keyword Rich URLs
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Inter Linking Structure
  • Directory Structure
  • Domain Research/Buying
Off Site SEO Services

  • Link Building
  • Link Baiting
  • Press Releases (Creation and/or Submission)
  • Authoritative Directory Inclusions/Submissions
  • Content Writing and Management
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Video Optimization



On Site SEO Services


Keyword Analysis – Finding both short and long-tail keywords that have high traffic but low competition, driving more traffic and revenue to your site.


Title Optimization – Finding ideal keywords for your pages that will boost your website’s overall SEO ranking and drive traffic.


Keyword Rich URLs – Making your page URLs clean and search engine-friendly so that more people can find you better.


Meta Tag Optimization – Search engine algorithms still crawl meta tags so it never hurts to put in time to make sure your website’s meta tags are optimized for best performance.


SEO Content Creation – Any website can have great content, but what’s the point if no one can find it?  We will optimize your content with laser-targeted keywords to make sure your content gets noticed.


Inner Linking Structure – Got a lot of pages on your website?  We will create a sitemap and navigation that makes it easy for your users and for search engine bots to find every page on your website and index them quicker.


Directory Structure – Having a messy directory in your URL can lead to a drop in traffic.  We will optimize and clean your URLs so that each page will be in the correct directory and avoid confusion by those visiting your website.


Domain Research/Buying – We will research the best domains that best suits your business and drives traffic.  We will only buy domains that can guarantee an increase in traffic and sales.


Off Site SEO Services


Link Building – Building backlinks is key to driving traffic to your website.  Also known as inbound marketing.  People find you through external 3rd party websites when they see a link pointing to your website.


Press Releases (Creation and/or Submission) – Press releases are super helpful in generating tons of high authority backlinks to your website as well as driving tons of traffic and possible sales.


Authoritative Directory Inclusions/Submissions – Building backlinks is great, but building backlinks on authoritative websites and directories is even better.  Directories have tons of traffic browsing them everyday and having your link on there will drive that traffic to your website.


Content Writing and Management – A lot of people read articles on a daily basis through blogs and social media.  Is there an article about your website being posted or shared on a 3rd party blog or social media website?  Articles posted with the option of sharing can drive tons of traffic and boost your SEO ranking.


Social Media Marketing and Optimization – Millions of people use social media everyday to discuss, share, and discover new things.  Have your own social media profile on various networks can greatly boost up your SEO and drive traffic.


Video Optimization – People are watching videos every day, specially when they are constantly being shown on the front of the search engine results.  An optimized video increases the chance of generating authoritative organic backlinks and tons of traffic.



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